Slatersville Congregational Church

Now here are some fun things –

1 – You can have a candle light wedding – ask about it.  There is an extra fee and it is based on the number of candles that you choose.  It is very beautiful.

2 – If you are a blended family we can do a service that not only marries the bride and groom but also joins them together with the children as a family. 

3 – If you would like to celebrate communion with your guests, that can be arranged. 

 4 – If you have young children as guests we have a lovely nursery with wonderful toys.  We can provide you with two childcare workers (for a fee) to supervise the children during the wedding.  You are welcome to bring in your own sitters, but children cannot be left in the nursery unsupervised.

5 – We are a handicapped accessible facility.  We are not air conditioned although we do have ceiling fans in the sanctuary.  There is no smoking allowed anywhere in our facility.

 So after reading all of this, if you would like to start planning for your wedding here, please contact the pastor and set that first date.  We look forward to meeting with you and providing you with the most beautiful and meaningful wedding service. 



Wedding Information

Thank you for your interest in having your wedding in our historic 175 year old sanctuary.  We are a Protestant church and our denomination is the United Church of Christ. You do not have to be baptized or confirmed in any tradition to be married here.  Obviously you want to be married in a church because one or both of you have some relationship with God and feel that being married in God’s house is important to you. 

We do have some requirements for being married here.  These are required so that you have an idea of what this church is all about and we have an idea of who you are so that your wedding can be as personal as possible for the two of you.

 Here is what we require: