Slatersville Congregational Church


There are strict rules for photography and videography

            Until the processional is finished photographers may move freely throughout the sanctuary, using a flash as needed.  Once the bride and groom are at the front of the church the photographers must stay in one place and not move.  Photographers may take pictures but may NOT use flash.

            Videographers must stay in one place once the pastor enters the sanctuary and remain there.  They may use flash until the bride and groom are at the front of the church. Then the flash must be turned off.  

            At the end of the service when the bride and groom are about to kiss (which will be announced) photographers and videographers may move to another spot if needed and use a flash for the rest of the ceremony.

            If needed all photo settings can be recreated after the ceremony.

Well phew!  You made your way through all our rules and regulations, good for you.  It may sound like we are not a lot of fun, which is not true!  It is easier for you to know what you can and can’t do before you make the decision that this is the place for you.  We do a good number of weddings here every year and we have found that following these rules makes for a beautiful wedding service.