Slatersville Congregational Church

The Planning

​1 – You need to meet with the pastor in person for a primary meeting to tentatively set the date, review pricing and fill out forms.

2 – Both bride and groom must then attend four (4) worship services on Sunday mornings at 10am.  We require this so that you can see how the pastor leads worship; understand the basics of our theology to make sure that it matches with yours, and to see if this is the right place for your wedding. When you meet with the pastor (step #1) you will be given a card which the pastor will sign for you each time you come,

3 – Once you have attended four services you can contact the pastor to formalize your wedding date, submit a deposit and set a schedule to meet with the pastor for three (3) sessions.  These sessions are about an hour in length during which you will plan the wedding service with the pastor and participate in some pre-wedding counseling. 

4 – Those three (3) meetings must be completed four (4) weeks before the wedding.