Baptism Information

Thank you for your interest in having your child baptized in our church.  We welcome folks of all denominations and traditions.  We are a Protestant church and our denomination is the United Church of Christ.  Baptism takes place as part of our regular Sunday service. 

For your child to be baptized you first need to attend church and worship with us on a Sunday.  After attending if you  are sure that this is the place you’d like to have your child baptized you need to set up a time for a meeting with me, the Rev Eileen Morris.  This meeting needs to take place at least one month before the baptism. 

We baptize babies on the second Sunday of the month.  You are welcome to have two Godparents and they will  need to attend the service.   Family and friends are welcome to attend worship as well. 

There are no criteria for parents as far as being baptized or confirmed in any tradition.  What we require is a heart for God, and the ability to answer the baptism questions in truth and honesty.  We go over these questions when we meet.

 There is no cost involved.  However, we do take an offering during worship and it is nice if you and your guests can make a donation. 

The baptism takes about 10 minutes during the service; however, you and your guests are expected to stay for the entire service.  We provide child care and Sunday school for all children after the baptism is finished.  We have a professionally staffed nursery for little ones three and under.  Parents are welcome to stay in the nursery or attend Sunday school with their older children if desired. 

 If your child gets fussy after the baptism you are welcome to take them down to the nursery where there are rocking chairs, cradles and other baby items.  The service is piped in downstairs, so you can hear the service.

 Just so you know we have some rules in our sanctuary.  Gentlemen must remove their hats out of respect for God.  The only beverage that can be brought in is water, and of course whatever is needed for babies.  We don’t allow flash photography – you are welcome to take pictures, just no flash.   

 If you would like to know more about us you can access our  and if you’d like more information about the United Church of Christ access  

I hope this answers your questions.  Please come and worship with us.  If you do, please make sure to introduce yourselves to the pastor, The Rev Eileen J Morris.

Slatersville Congregational Church